is a free book discovery platform for Indian Readers, where, readers can discover books, rate/review books and share information about books.

bdata is a Book Promotion Platform for Indian publishers helping publishers with effective dissemination of book information.


BookConnect Provides ebook creation and distribution services to publishers from India. We specialize in books in Indian languages and can create standards-compliant epub files for any books in any Indian language.

Technology Services

BookConnect’s technology services division provides a wide range of services to publishers and sellers across the globe


BData – Metadata Management and Book Promotion Platform

India is home to one of largest book industries in the world with over 80,000 books published every year in several Languages. With your reader base spread across various geographies, you need an efficient way of taking your book to every potential reader. Every book deserves a good showcase.

bdata is a cloud based book metadata management and a promotional platform designed specifically for Indian publishing industry. It helps you manage information about your titles, authors and events in bdata and showcase them with ease. Through Integration with bookscape, the Book Discovery Service gives you immediate access to a wide audience. Whether you are an author/independant publisher or a large publisher, bdata gives you the power to use rich information to expand your reach.

"For a publisher, promoting a book is as important as producing one."

Rich data about books

Helps publishers manage and disseminate rich data about the books to sell better

Language Support

Stores and Search information in any Indian language - Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali etc.

Standards Compliance

Supports "Onix for Books", the international standard for communication of book information

Social Media Integration

Makes using social media for promoting the books very effortless

BOOK DISCOVERY - Connecting Readers and Books from India is a free book discovery platform aimed at bringing together the readers of Indian language books and all books published in India. On BookScape, readers can discover books, rate, review, connect with other readers and share information about books.

BookScape serves as a channel for publishers/authors to engage with the readers effectively. BookScape also brings news/articles about books, reading cultures etc. syndicated from various niche magazines/journals/blogs with interest in promoting reading. Designed specifically for Indian industry and has support for all major Indian languages. The language support includes the ability to search the data in any of the Indian languages and comment/review in any language.

Language Support

Stores and displays information in all Indian languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam etc.

Search in any language

You can search in any Indian language

Rate / Comment / Review / Social Media

Readers can rate a book, write a comment or review about a book or share information on social media


Readers can request for free copies of books


Get Ready with e-Publishing

e-Book Creation/Conversion Services:

BookConnect is a provider of e-book services to publishers in India and has partnered with leading e-Book platforms like Google, Apple, Amazon & Kobo. Having rich experience in developing technology applications related to book Industry and working with Indian language content, we bring you the right tools and expertise in providing e-book services.

Digitizing Indian language content brings in unique set of challenges ranging from encoding, fonts, formatting and rendering. Our approach is to have a mix of technology and domain expertise to address these challenges ensuring a quick turn around time coupled with quality of output.

Having partnered with major e-Book platforms, we address the requirements of all platforms, reading devices and produce standards-compliant e-Pub version of your books providing a seamless experience across all the platforms.

e-Book Aggregation Services:

Coupled with our Aggregation service of e-Books, we can distribute your books in all the platforms mentioned above. It frees up publishers from the hassle of dealing with various technology, metadata requirements of each of these platforms. Your titles will get the benefit of getting to new channels as we partner with other emerging e-book vendors.

While some of the ebook platforms such a s Google and Kobo already support Indian languages, others are in the process of doing that and we are sure very soon most major ebook platforms will have support for Indian languages including Hindi/Tamil/Telugu/Malayalam.

Standards-Compliant E-pubs

Stores and displays information in all Indian languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam etc.

Multiple Output formats

We provide flowable e-pub text as well as pdf files depending upon the nature of content.

Low cost of conversion

Lowered cost due to use of technology. Ideal for large scale conversion of backlist titles as well.


You get complete ownership on the E-pub files created without any restrictions on the use.


Helping Book Industry With Technology

BookConnect’s technology services division provides the following services to Book Publishers and Sellers across the globe:

Custom Development

  • Onix based Custom Application development
  • Build Website / Webstore & Social Media Management for Publishers / Authors
  • Automated Generation of Trade Catalogues, Order Sheets & Right Catalogues
  • Converting Legacy Systems to Onix Based Meta Data Management


  • Integration of Internal Systems of Publishers
  • Integration with B2B, e-Commerce Portals
  • Integration of BData (BookConnect’s Cloud based meta data and promotion platforms) with internal system of Publishers
  • Automation of communication of Book Metadata to sellers

Training Services

  • Onix Training

Domain Expertise

Tech team well trained in the publishing domain for better co-ordination with the publishing community

Standards Compliance

All products developed are standards compliant and use industry best practices


Tight integration with the existing systems ensures against obsolescence


Training is an integral part of all the technology offerings


BookConnect was started a couple of years ago in Chennai by 5 people with diverse backgrounds and skills, but with a love for books in Indian languages. 'Making books in Indian languages widely available online' and 'improving the availability of information about books in Indian languages' are the major goals of BookConnect.

Working as an effective bridge between online sellers and the publishers, BookConnect has earned the trust of publishers and sellers. Starting with

a small catalog of 100 Telugu/Tamil titles two years ago, we have more than 15,000 titles today in about 9 languages and we have emerged as one of the distributor of choice for about 150 publishers.

The goal of 'improving the availability of information about books' is what drives BookConnect's services - bdata and BookScape. With our products and technology services, we are trying to make it easy for publishers to dissiminate information about their books and for readers to find the right books.


Our Office

Book Connect Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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